The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


Phoebe Bridgers, Lizzo, and Sydney Sweeney exceeded my expectations with their fabulous outfits.
The Annual Met Gala Roast
Grace Tucceri, Writer • May 6, 2022

How can you possibly understand the assignment when the theme for the 2022 Met Gala is “Gilded Glamour”? Easy - you take inspiration from Bridgerton and the wealthy elite...

Student Spotlight: Olivia Reagan
Student Spotlight: Olivia Reagan
Kate Rudolph, Writer • April 14, 2022

Franklin High School’s gymnastics team had a once in a lifetime season this past winter. The unique sport counts on one athlete to compete at a time, as gymnastics is an...

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Panther News Friday Edition
Meet the Staff

Amanda Wylie is currently a senior at Franklin High School. While taking Digital Journalism freshman year, she decided to become a member of Pantherbook in order to continue producing journalistic work....


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Amanda Wylie, a senior at FHS, stars in a thrilling sci-fi short film.
A Film Festival at FHS?!?!
Grace Tucceri, Writer • May 16, 2022

Do you want to attend a real film festival held right here at FHS? Well, you’re in luck! On Thursday May 19th, the annual festival makes a...

Of course, AP classroom practice quizzes are a students best friend.
AP Exams - How Do They Impact Students?
Alayna Bond, Photojournalist • May 12, 2022

People talk amongst themselves as dinner is served.
A Night to Remember
Olivia Baker, Photojournalist • May 12, 2022

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Girl Up President, Aliyah Quijada, following the instructor as they review hand positions
Girl Up Self Defense Seminar
Kianna Thomas, Photojournalist • May 18, 2022

The Girl Up Club hosted a Self-Defense Seminar on May 11th in the FHS gymnasium. Participants worked on how to defend themself against many different people,...

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Stephen King and Sally Rooney books next to each other on a shelf.
First 5 Months of Reading in 2022
Halle Goldsmith, Editor • May 13, 2022

As an avid reader, I am here to breakdown my last 5 months of reading into two categories: the 5 worst and the 5 best reads of 2022. This list is not including...

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Protestors, such as these female activists, have taken to the streets to defend Roe v Wade.
Roe v. Wade Overturned: What It Means for Women
Avery Chalk, Writer • May 17, 2022

Roe v. Wade was a Supreme Court case finalized in 1973 amidst swirling controversies (most of which attributed to the rise of conservative and evangelical...

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The pure emotion of a player winning his rally game
The Everyday Life of a Tennis Player at FHS
Nithin Prabhu, Photojournalist • May 12, 2022

Franklin Boys Tennis vs Sharon
Franklin Boys Tennis vs Sharon
Jay Gorgas, Photojournalist • May 12, 2022

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Theres only one month remaining until May 1, National College Decision Day.
The Southern Migration: Why Are So Many Seniors Heading Out-of-State?
Amanda Wylie, Editor • April 1, 2022

April has begun, which means it's officially college commitment season for FHS seniors. This year, a larger number of students seem to be committing to schools outside of...

The Raillery is located in the Stop and Shop Plaza next to Panera.
The Raillery: Franklin's Newest Hot Spot
Avery Chalk, Writer • March 16, 2022

The Raillery, Franklin’s newest restaurant, has recently opened its kitchen and is now accepting guests. Located in the Stop and Shop Plaza, the Raillery provides a convenient...

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