Pantherbook meets Panther Pride

Chris Baker, Writer

November 11, 2014

Eighth grade students came to Panther Pride Night last Wednesday to explore Franklin High and to get a better understanding of their upcoming freshman year. Many of these boys and girls were interested in becoming members of Pantherbook in future yea...

FAA has a new T-shirt Design

Chris Baker, Writer

November 2, 2014

With the goal of being able to attend a field trip to Boston this Spring, Franklin Arts Academy is taking part in various forms of fundraising. One of these fundraisers is the sale of t-shirts that promote the program. Abou...

A Look At The Upcoming Year For Franklin Arts Academy

Chris Baker, Writer

October 4, 2014

Franklin Arts Academy is beginning the year strong by exemplifying creativity and effort. Over the summer, each member is required to complete at least two pieces of art, which can be based on any theme of personal interest. Combined...

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