Franklin High School Prom 2010

Rebecca McGilloway

Prom 2010 has been a nationally covered issue over the last month causing controversy all over the US starting about a month ago in Mississippi. A student attending one high school asked to go to prom with another girl, and instead of saying no, the school made the decision to cancel the whole prom Another last week in Alabama with a girl whose school had a strict dress code on what they could wear to prom, if they broke it they could choose suspension or to be paddled which is an issue all in itself. At Franklin High there has never been an issue quite like that and this year won’t be any different. This year’s prom takes place at the Mansfield Holiday Inn on May 21st from 6:30-11pm, the prom ticket will cost $60. The tickets go on sale on the 26th and the last day they’ll be sold will be the 30th, The styles featured at this years prom will be different than years past, the colors tend to be more pastel than bright. The best colors are robins egg blue and light pink. Previously favored strapless dresses are being exchanged for one shoulder dresses. Big bows are also very in. Hope to see you at Franklin Highs Prom 2010