Senior Time Capsule

Jenn Davis, Jen Howe.

The class of 2010 is lucky to be the first class to start a time capsule at FHS. Throughout the month of May, any student can drop off a memorable item or picture to be put in the time capsule. It can be anything from the year of 2006-2010.

“The time capsule will be opened up to the class of 2010 on their tenth or twentieth class reunion. And they can look back on what they’re lives were like then.” The senior class Advisor, Mrs. Yankee shows excitement for the new project.

Ideas for the time capsule could be pictures, athletic achievements, news paper clippings, fashion items, popular music or movies, or anything else you would like to remember about your time spent at FHS.
If you are interested in participating in the time capsule project you can drop off items to Mrs. Yankee’s room any time between now and the end of May. And the items will be buried during the senior barbecue on Thursday, June 3rd!