Are you taking any finals?

Paige Steinberg

This year administrators have come up with a new idea to let seniors with an A average for the year not show up for that final. This is a huge benefit for seniors who have worked hard all year to get an A and not have to wake up for the final for that class.

We talked to Mr. Folan about some confusion some seniors have about the week of senior finals. The questions we asked Mr. Folan are as followed:

Q: Can students leave early after their finals are finished?

A: Unfortuntly no, students have to remain in their classrooms until the period is over because it is a disruption to other students taking the exam still.

Q: If students have an A for the year in the class, do they have to be in school for that period?

A: If you confirm with your teacher and you are exempt from the final, you do not need to be in school for that period.

Q: When is locker clean out?

A: First period on Tuesday May 25th YAY

Q; What is the assembly about on Friday May 28th?

A: A motivational speaker will be speaking, which seniors from last year say was very good. At the end of the assembly Mr. Light will speak about senior week. The assembly is at 8:59 so if you do not have to take the D period final, which is also on Friday, be prepared to be in school at 8:59. This assembly is MANDATORY

We hope this clears up any confusion about senior week. Summer is almost here:)