Last Chance to Buy Prom Tickets

Meghan Pardi and Liz Sacco

Another Franklin High Prom is just around the corner. It can be very stressful trying to prepare for the big day, and there is a lot for the students to be thinking about. Did they pay for the limo? Is there enough room in the limo? What time was their hair appointment? Did they even make an appointment? Here is some quick information that will answer those questions that come up during the time of panic.

Today is the last day to buy tickets.  We spoke with Veronica Gnaman, and she informed us that tickets are 65 dollars each, and that all dues MUST be paid to be able to order a ticket. Tickets are on sale after school throughout the week in room D205 and during all four lunches. Prom is quickly approaching the juniors, the date is May 21st at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield. Get your tickets now!