Oskey 2010 Reviews!

This year Oskey seemed to have great reviews, and many students and faculty enjoyed it more than the past years. The cast and crew were very energetic and came up with a great line of skits, for example, cheerleading posters, and Superstar. We gathered some reviews from students and faculty who saw and participated in 2010 Oskey.

“I saw Oskey during my Freshman and Sophmore years but I thought this year was the best, but probably because it was about my class. My favorite acts were the teachers dance and the cheerleadering posters, I thought those were the funniest.” Said by Erin Keeley.

Ms. Bevilacqua, a teacher who was a part of the Evolution of Dance skit, “I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being part of it. I have never seen Oskey before either, but my favorite acts that I saw were Mean Girls and the faculty meeting.”

“Mr. Penza was portrayed accurately, and I enjoyed it for a good while.” Casey Wheaton explains her opinions on how Oskey went.

“It was awesome! I liked Mr. Franklin the best because it portrayed who everyone was perfectly.” Hannah Minor believes that out of all the acts, Mr. Franklin was the best.

Brydie Grover, “I loved how they tastefully mocked everyones life. I thought it was awesome.”

and lastly, Mary D says, “Parts of it were funny. My favorite part was Mrs. Franklin. Some of the skits seemed pointless to me and irrelevant to FHS life, but overall it was pretty good.”

On Tuesday, everyone gathered in the lecture hall to see the show for only $5. But if you missed out on this opportunity, there is still a chance to see it on Thursday at 7pm. Don’t miss out!