iPod Policy – Revision Needed?

The current policy regarding electronic devices states that the only times where it is acceptable for use are prior to the start of school and after school, during passing time, and in specified areas such as A House and the main office.

The Student Handbook goes on and explains where electronic devices are not acceptable for use. In the classroom, in the cafeteria or hallways, during assemblies, or even in the Tech Center.

Students however realize this is not the case. They seem to pull out devices such as Ipods and other various MP3 players during lunch, walking through the halls, and even during class.

Many teachers seem to have developed their own Ipod policy, and as long as you ask the teacher permission many of them allow use their music player. There seems to be a consensus amongst teachers that as long as the electronic device is not hindering the ability of the student to concentrate then it is okay to use.

Mr. Zampa was asked about his ideas about Ipod usage during school, he stated, “I am under a strict policy where I am not allowed to comment on the situation”.

Many students believe that iPods should be available for use during school, an outspoken individual stated, “It’s a bit ridiculous that we aren’t able to use iPods. If the teacher is not lecturing and we are doing individual or group work iPods should be allowed”.

Mr. Leighton says that “without my permission I do not allow iPod usage in class. It takes away from their ability to learn and ultimately in class that is what they are there to do. If they are working on a project and ask permission I will usually allow them to use it”.

So is a revison to the schools policy regarding iPods necessary?

FHS senior Connor Burns says, “There is nothing they (administration) can do to prevent the usage of iPods in the school. It’s just not possible”.