Spirit Week Update – Wednesday

Extreme Weather hit Franklin High School on Wednesday and the senior class prevailed.  With 99 students dressing up, the seniors earned 4 more points.  The juniors came in second with 52 people ready to face the weather, while the freshmen and sophomores tied with only 32 kids dressing.

The over all scoreboard – Seniors – 16 points

Juniors – 12 points

Freshmen – 6.5 points

and in last place Sophomores – 5.5 points

Tomorrow is a big day.  It is Safari Day as well as the Volleyball Tournament.  The tournament will begin at 11:30 in the small gym with the Freshmen taking on the juniors.  That game will be followed by the Seniors vs. the Sophomores.  The senior boys are feeling the pressure after going winless last season.  Can they win?  Stop by the small gym and find out.