Students Successfully Enjoy First Model U.N. Conference!

On November 13, The Model U.N. Club ventured into the world of international
politics in their first ever conference. The group of students arrived early in the morning
at Clark University where they were grouped off, and awaited their task at hand. From
there, every group was left on its own to represent their country in a series of debates.
Some had mixed feelings; Jillian Todesca says, “Though it was very intimidating at
first, everyone in my committee was affable and it allowed me to open up and enjoy
myself.” High schools from all over Massachusetts came together to argue on world
affairs. Between ceremonies, the group found some time to talk and associate with
fellow delegates. Lippee Vora says, “I’m glad that I met new people that shared common
interests with me outside the conference room.” Inside the conferences, students found
that even without saying much they could quickly catch on with what other delegates
were saying. Emily McCaffrey recalls, “It was cool to meet new people. I wasn’t much
of a participator, but it was cool to see everyone interact and to learn how the process
went.” After the day’s festivities were done, the club found themselves returning back to
the high school in a van of ear piercing and terribly off-key tunes. Summing up the day,
Grant Conway states, “We have learned diplomacy and democracy are better solutions
to solving our world’s human and environmental issues rather than war.” Model U.N. is
always welcome to members who wish to join. Our next conference is in the spring and
everyone who joins helps strengthen the team. In the words of President Jessica Mow, “I
think we all learned a lot about the world and what’s happening now. A lot of people
gained confidence and I look forward to doing even better at the next conference.” If
anyone is interested in joining, contact Mr. Walsh at [email protected]

Article by Erin McGinley