3-0 Record for Mock Trial

Holliston, Hopkinton, no matter what the town, they will crush them. The Franklin Mock Trial team is in great shape this year. With their 3 and 0 record. With two close trials, Holliston on Thursday February 17, winning 96 to 88, and Hopkinton, Thursday March 1 winning 103 to 97.

At Holliston’s trial, both teams were in it to win it. But Franklin was victorious. The Prosecution was unable to prove that Mr. Eddie Bernson actually stole the stop sign and caused the fatal car accident. With one perfect score of a ten by Andrea Bates, and many other students earning nines, such as Andrea’s opening statement, Aniruhd Singh for the cross examination of Gavriel, Aniruhd also earned an eight for his closing statement, Ryan Grady for his cross examination of Eddie Bernson, Stefan Herlitz for the cross of Ms. Mary Devlin, Sarah Vetrano for her performance as Ms. Sascha Berk, and finally Andrew Marino for his performance as Sergent Don Beasley. Andrew also won Mr. Walsh’s Famous Pocket Constitution for doing such an outstanding job. Franklin also had Ryan Casey, the direct examination of Ms. Sascha Berk, Lincoln Ombelets, the direct examination of Pat J. Doherty, and Matt Young, Pat J. Doherty himself all earn strong eights.

This past trial was a real nail bitter. Hopkinton did not want to lose, and neither did Franklin. Both teams brought their A- game. Franklin was able to prove that Mr. Eddie Bernson, played by Chris Botaish, and earned nine, did not steel the stop sign and therefore did not cause the fatal car accident at Dead- Man’s Curve. Christine started off with a very strong opening statement earning the first ten on the board for both teams. Christine also later earned another ten for the direct examination of Mr. Marc Devlin. Tom Cannon, Mr. Marc Devlin also earned the other ten for the Franklin Team. Kathleen Kelliher, the cross examination of Sascha Berk, and not letting a single things get by her, making objections left and right, commanded the witness to answer the way she liked it, earned a nine. Other students that earned nines were Alex Barbato, for the cross examination of Sergent Danw Beasley, John Wiech, for the direct examination of Mr. Eddie Bernson, John also earned an eight on his closing statement, Nick Holland, for the direct examination of Mr. Armani Gavriel, and Sam Duffy, for his performance as Mr. Armani Gavriel. Chris Booker stepped in and did the cross examination of Ms. Pat J. Doherty this week and earned a very well deserved eight.

The past two trials have been wins, lets hope that Franklin can keep up this record and go all the way to the Sweet Sixteen and then beyond. Remember they have a “slippery devil” on their hands. And they will use him when necessary. Good luck to all!

Sarah Carroll