Class Elections Races Heat Up

The nominations are in and the races for class officers are on.

For the Class of 2014 there are two contested races. Rachita Chaudhury and Ben Zogby are both running for Vice President, while Amanda Farnan and Gabrielle Kane are competing for the position of Secretary. President Tom Downing is running unopposed, as is Treasurer Kim Nguyen and Representatives Enza Giocalone and Maegan Schmauder.

In the Class of 2013, There are four candidates for President. They are Dakota Craig, Sarah Vetrano, Hanna Brown, and Nicole Higgins. Kasey Lynch, Katie Hickey, and Sarah Georges all run unopposed for the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary respectively. The Class Representative race will produce 4 winners from a field that includes Brian Doherty, Peter Segreve, Mely Wu, Ryan Casey, Connor Morrissette, and Ryan Mershimer.

The Class of 2012 has three competitive races. Sarah MacClellan and Zach Pisani are running for President, while Tyler Buck, Queen Butahe and Andrew Hood are all campaigning for the position of Vice President. In the Treasurer race, Shivanjali Singh and Abbi Plesh will compete. Secretary, Theresa Urquhart will run unopposed. There are four candidates for the four Class Representative positions. The candidates are: Alex Zollo, Tony Chase, Lauren Mancini, and Catie Phelan.

Class Assemblies will be held next Tuesday for candidate speeches. (Competitive races only) The Class of 2014 will meet during C period. The Class of 2013 will meet during D Period, and the Class of 2012 will meet during f period on Tuesday.

Good luck to all candidates and please remember to vote on Wednesday, June 8th. The polls will be open all day outside the cafe.