Race for Senior Officers

Connor Donahue

The class of 2012 is holding their final elections of their high school years. It has some interesting and competitive races that should draw an all time high in tomorrow’s elections.

Secretary Theresa Urquhart and Representatives Alex Zollo, Tony Chase, Lauren Mancini, and Catherine Phelan are all running uncontested.

In the race for Treasurer there is a heated battle between the three year veteran Abbi Plesh and rookie on the scene Shivi Singh. Abbi looks to take her experience and hard work to the floor in her speech saying “I already know all of the processes”. Shivi looks to bring the “chaching chaching” and start fresh for senior year.

In the vice president position the fight is between Tyler Buck, Queen B, and Andrew Hood. Hoody’s catchy slogan “Got milk? Vote Hood” should bring in the voters with his comedy and experience. Queen B says ” Queen B 4 VP” looking to finally take down Andrew and secure her spot as VP. Tyler says “I will be your Chuck Norris” trying to bring a new perspective to the VP position.

Finally and most importantly is the race for the class of 2012 president. Sarah Mac, running to secure her fourth year as president hopes to be able to bring back the old ways and keep the ball rolling on what she already knows. Zach Pisani, her opponent in this tight ballot, says “I am no joke” and that he will “take the school on his back”, in attempt to bring a new chapter to the class of 2012.

The races are tight so make sure you go vote on Wednesday for who you want to let rule the school.