Sophomores: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Voting begins on June 8 for your student class officers. Running uncontested for Vice President is Kasey Lynch. She already has knowledge on your junior year and has done extensive research into the upcoming prom during her role as this year’s Vice President. Katie Hickey will be running uncontested as Class Treasurer. She created a successful technology fundraiser last year, and wishes to continue her efforts for prom. Sarah George is running uncontested for Secretary. She is new to the officers, and wishes to further benefit your class.

There are two heated races in the upcoming elections; the presidential and representative elections. The presidential election has 4 candidates; Dakota Craig, Sarah Vetrano, Hanna Brown, and Nicole Higgins. Dakota Craig wants to ensure his class that this job is not a joke, and is  in need of a serious czar. He wants to make sure that his opinions representing the class are heard throughout the administration and faculty. Sarah Vetrano is looking for a reelection as president. This would be her third year as the class of 2013’s president. She is looking to represent someone who is both responsible and dependable. She wants to make the last years of FHS memorable. Hanna Brown is looking into the future of the class, and believes she is the best candidate to make all events memorable. Hanna will push to make prom “a fun night to remember.” The final running mate for president is Nicole Higgins. Her goal is to connect the entire class together in communication. She is all about moving forward in life, and wants to push her class to the limits. Hopefully it will be a fun and exhilarated race!*!

There will be 6 runners for Class Representatives, but only 4 will be elected to the position. The runners for this position are Brian Doherty, Peter Segreve, Mely Wu, Ryan Casey, Connor Morrissette, and Ryan Mershimer. Brian Doherty has served as one of your class representatives for the past 2 years, and wants to continue his hot streak. Peter Segreve has also been class representative for the past 2 years, and wishes to make prom a more affordable event through fundraising. Mely Wu will help to represent your class by being a good listener with an understanding and unbiased opinion. Ryan Casey has sat on the MA State Student Advisory Council for the past year, and is experienced in fields of student involved organizations. Connor Morrissette has been a class representative for the past 2 years, and holds onto his strong belief that fundraising is the key to success. Ryan Mershimer was a class representative during your sophomore year, and has made sure that his contributions to the class were both meaningful and objective.

Make sure to vote for your Class Officers based on what they have to bring to the table. These officers will help lead your class through important events such as prom and early senior week planning. Get out there and vote on Wednesday outside the cafe.