The Election Results are in…

The students have voted and here are the results…
For the Class of 2014
President – Tom Downing
Vice President – Rachita Chaudhury
Treasurer – Kim Nguyen
Secretary – Gabby Kane
Representatives – Enza Giacalone & Maegan Schmauder

For the Class of 2013
President – Nicole Higgins
Vice President – Kasey Lynch
Treasurer – Katie Hickey
Secretary – Sarah Georges
Representatives – Brian Doherty, Connor Morrissette, Ryan Mershimer, & Ryan Casey

For the Class of 2012
President – Sarah MacClellan
Vice President – Andrew Hood
Treasurer – Abbi Plesh
Secretary – Theresa Urquhart
Representatives – Alex Zollo, Tony Chase, Lauren Mancini, & Catherine Phelan

Congratulations to all the candidates. There were numerous close races. Candidates are welcome to see Mr. Leighton for details on the results.