Half Days Announced for Prom, Senior Banquet, and Panther Pride Night

Jen Coppola

Recently Student Government members met with Mr.Light to address the issue regarding school social events. The past practice was to require students to attend a full day of school before rushing to prepare for some of the biggest social events at Franklin High School.

Many different solutions were proposed. After much discussion, Mr. Light along with Student Government decided that planning these events on PDD days would be best for students and the school. However, making these events on half-days involves the public school schedule.
Mr. Light discussed the matter with Superintendent Sabolinski, who has decided to adjust the public school schedule to fit to the event dates. The dates of Junior Prom, Senior Banquet, and Panther Pride Night are now all scheduled to be PDD days (half-days). Thanks to the efforts of Student Government and Mr. Light, students will have more time to prepare for these student events.

Students who wish to attend the events will still be required to attend school, but all students will be released for a half day.

If you have any other issues, you would like Student Government to address, please stop by D211 and share your concerns.