Freshmen Survival Guide

Pantherbook Staff

The Pantherbook staff offers incoming freshmen some advice on how to make their first year at FHS a successful one.

* Join a club or a team as soon as possible – this will help you get to know other people at FHS and learn your way around
* Be on time and be prepared for class – it is important to make a good first impression.
* Be responsible – if you make a mistake, own up to it (serve your detention)
* Get to know your guidance councilor – They will help you throughout your four years
* Learn your schedule and use your locker – Carrying your backpack all day is not needed
* Know the dress code and follow it
* If you value your cell phone or Ipod, don’t misuse them
* Protect your valuables with a lock on your locker (gym and school)
* Visit Pantherbook – This is your best source of information about Franklin High School