Insomnia 101


If you are reading this article (and I believe that you are) one of two scenarios is the cause 1.) You are having a horrible summer due to lack of friends/money/transportation/or a life and have resorted to Pantherbook as a means of connection to a seemingly dull world or 2.) You are like me and suffer from summer time insomnia (it is currently 5 a.m. on a Thursday morning).  Insomnia, for those of scenario #1, is the inability to sleep. This can be caused by a multitude of things ranging from stress to anxiety to one to many cups of coffee in the morning, or in my case sleeping till 1 in the afternoon.  Being an insomniac, I understand the difficulty and annoyance of wanting to sleep but your body not allowing you to. So in light of this condition and through avid research I have come up with the top ten things for insomniacs to do at night/early morning (if its really bad like mine).




  1. Go on Youtube and search “funny cat videos”
  2. Follow ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends on Facebook
  3. Follow ex- boyfriend’s/ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook
  4. Watch every episode of Family Guy on instant Netflix
  5. Write Pantherbook articles
  6. Read Pantherbook articles
  7. Contemplate the meaning of life
  8. Watch all Jenna Marbles videos on Youtube
  9. Clean your room
  10. Send a mass text to everyone in your phone telling them you have insomnia and need someone to talk to


(Note: these also work for those of scenario #1…but maybe you should try to go meet some people)