SDLP Kicks Off Its First Year

Franklin High School is offering it’s students a new program that will give students the freedom of controlling their own studies. This program is called SDLP, and is gaining popularity as students are learning more about what is offered.

The SDLP program offers students the freedom of pursuing their own academic goals. Students are taking a wide variety of jobs using this program, from a teachers assistant to assisting orphans. Other students are also taking this time to catch up on their studies, or write amazing articles for Pantherbook. Whatever you chose to use this time for, juniors and seniors are welcome to try out this new program.

Make sure to decide fast if you wish to do the SDLP program. Time is running out to sign up, and if need be to get the off campus form in. The off campus forms need to be turned in by the 27th to Ms. Yankees office in the main office.

I would highly recommend doing SDLP, so make sure to visit Ms. Yankee if you are interested. Her office is located behind the mailboxes in the principals offices. If you can not find the time to see her in person, you can reach her by phone at (508) 326-3588, or through her email; [email protected]