Pantherbook Weekly Profile: Mr. Penza

The first of many weekly profiles that will allow students to learn more about their teachers and staff of FHS…

1. Full Name: Christopher Penza

2. Nickname: Chris, Penza, Penz, Za, P

3. Occupation: Teacher, Coach

4. If  I Wasn’t At My Job Now I’d Probably Be: At a hockey rink, or playing with my 2 girls

5. Something Most People Would Be Surprised To Know About Me Is: I am very shy

6. I’m Terrified Of: Being a bad dad / parent

7. One Day I Plan To: Travel the world, Skydive

8. The Best Thing About My Job Is: Interaction with my students and co-workers

9. The Worse Thing About My Job Is: space issues in the classroom

10.If Students See Me In The Halls They Should: ummmm…act normal I guess