Pantherbook Weekly Profile: “Da Hoff”

Tori Moses

This week Pantherbook had the pleasure of interviewing 11th grade English teacher Mrs. Hoffenberg

1. Full Name: Helen Jordan “Da Hoff” Thompson Hoffenberg

2. Nickname: The Hoff, Hoffelpuff, Von Hoffenstein, Hoffenberger, Hoffsome

3. Occupation: English Teacher

4. If I Wasn’t At My Job Now I’d Probably Be: Flipping doughboys at a carnival (i.e. a carnie) or with my son Jonah

5. Something Most People Would Be Surprised To Know About Me Is: I worked at a construction company for three summers

6. I’m Terrified Of: disease/ fainting in class/ getting sick in class

7. One Day I Plan To: travel to Australia/ read peoples minds

8. The Best Thing About My Job Is: staying connected to the kids

9. The Worse Thing About My Job Is: Victoria Moses (…nice)

10. If Students See Me In The Halls They Should: cheer