Looking for a local charity to help out?!

Q&A with one of the communities newest charities!
Looking for a local charity to donate to or volunteer for? Well, there is one right underneath your nose called TLC Charity, or Tickets for Loving Children Charity!
Who started the charity?
  • The charity was started by 5 of our own Franklin High School students; Annie Corak, Taylor McCue, Angela Trafecanty, Kaitlin Copponi and Alicia Kutil
What does the charity do?
  • The charity donates entertainment packages, which consist of a pair of tickets to a concert, sporting event, or a broadway show. Along with the tickets is an extra whether its a gift card for dinner or a souvineir from the event. These entertainment packages are donated to sick children in the hospital.
What is the purpose of the charity?
  • The purpose of this charity is to give sick kids a day out of the hospital and something to look forward too. Many of these children cannot afford to go to concerts because of the expensive hospital bills, therefore this charity provides tickets for them with no cost whatsoever.
What hospital are the children from that the tickets are donated to?
  • The tickets are mainly given to children at Children’s hospital, but the charity is planning on extending its donations.
What is the slogan of the charity?
  • We put smiles on those who truly need them”
Who can I contact if I want to donate or volunteer?
  • Do not hesitate to contact President of the charity, Annie Corak 774-571-8128 if you want to volunteer or donate!

Visit their website http://tlccharity.org/ to get more information!