No Soap?

Queen B.

No Soap?

FHS has bathrooms all around the building, which if you ask me, I say it is a good thing. Although there are no signs in the bathroom reminding us to wash our hands, after we are done with our business, we tend to wash our hands anyway, why? Because it is the right thing to do.

For some reason it seems like it is best to use the bathrooms in the mornings. Well, this is if you are one of those people who incorporate soap when washing their hands.

FHS has about sixteen hundred students, by the time lunch period starts, just be aware of the fact that you might not wash your hands with soap especially if you use the bathrooms that are not in the wings.

I know, it sounds very gross thinking of the fact that by the time we have fourth period in school, there are tons of students walking around with unclean hands. I just want to share this information with you, so when you happen to find no soap in the bathroom to not end up with a “question mark” face.