What’s Happening in Student Government

Student Government executives recently met with Ms. Champagne to address the dress code rumors floating throughout the school. All of the rumors were reported false. Ms. Champagne and other administrators are strictly following the dress code as written in the Student Handbook.

Student Government recently discussed the pros and cons of the Powderpuff event. Ultimately it was decided that Powderpuff will continue to be a Spirit Week event. However, there will be many new rules and regulations enforced upon all involved. These rules are to be determined at a later date.

Executives made the decision to get rid of the Homecoming Game/Homecoming Dance events. Instead there will be a dance during spirit week.

In earlier weeks Student Government addressed the concerns of various Freshmen, regarding how well Freshmen Orientation and Freshmen Experience prepared the students for entering high school.

Various student issues have been brought up and addressed during meetings. For example, the scheduling issues as well as a few cafeteria issues. These issues are to be addressed and hopefully solved at a later date.

Student Government brainstormed ideas on a new form of announcements. The issue that students rarely listen to the announcements was brought up. Executives met with Mr. Light, Coach Sidwell, and Pantherbook to solve the issue. Currently the school is testing the effective use of Twitter to post announcements.