Pantherbook Weekly Profile: Ms. Chackalackal!!

Alicia Kutil

This week, Pantherbook had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful, hilarious Ms. Chackalackal!

1. Full Name: Ann Chackalackal

2. Nickname: Ms C, Chacky, Chackylacky, Ms. Chacks,

3. Occupation: Chemistry Teacher

4. If I Wasn’t At My Job Now I’d Probably Be: At home sleeping

5. Something Most People Would Be Surprised To Know About Me Is: I had an arranged marriage

6. I’m Terrified Of: Snakes

7. One Day I Plan To: Write a book about my US teaching experiences once I learn improve my English writing skills

8. The Best Thing About My Job Is: I like to teach kids, here their stories, and talk to them!

9. The Worst Thing About My Job Is: There is a lot of preparing, and the hyper kids!

10. If Students See Me In The Halls They Should: Say hi or smile, and better not turn away!