Don’t Forget Panther Pride Night Tonight

Corey Flynn, Jack Corsi

Just a reminder to everyone tonight is panther pride night. What happens at panther pride night you may ask? It’s basically an introduction to our clubs and sports teams to next year’s incoming freshmen class. Panther pride night over the years has been popular with the incoming freshmen and is very informative session. Some of the stands are run by FHS students while others are run by faculty. Past freshmen have said that this session has been very helpful to them.

Andrew Friday a freshmen this year said “I attended last year and I found it very helpful and very informative”. It is a fun and beneficial night to students trying to learn about our schools activities. If you have any incoming freshmen make sure that they attend tonight so they can expand their knowledge about FHS and have a better idea of activities that go on at school. Tonight at 5:30 in the field house and the lecture hall, be there or be square.