Is It Really Time To Start Thinking About College Juniors?!

Alicia Kutil

Coming into Junior year, people are constantly asking you what you want to do later in life and what colleges you think you want to go to, but the repeated answer from most of us are “I HAVE NO IDEA!”. This answer, is OK and normal. Seniors are constantly telling us to not worry about college yet and to enjoy our Junior Year but it is extremely hard to avoid the future.

Guidance Counselors for a good reason, do not meet with us that many times this year. Maybe a couple times to discuss and look at some colleges but nothing serious, and this is because it doesn’t need to be serious yet. Yes SATS are this year, but they are also next year too! We are putting so much pressure on ourselves to figure out everything in such a short time. Juniors, we are so worried about getting our grades up so we can get into a good college but why can’t we enjoy our high school years. We should especially enjoy this year because next year college really starts to get into gear.

So now, whenever someone asks me a question about college and my future, I am learning not to freak out because there is plenty of time to think about it and it is not worth worrying about during my high school years when someday, I am going to want these days back!