Sophomores-Don’t Forget To Fundraise!

Rachita Chaudhury

The Class of 2014 needs lots of money! As entertaining as Tom’s skits are, they are for a purpose other than your enjoyment. I’m sure some of you went out and sold to your friends, family, and neighbors. For those of you who didn’t, I would like to remind you that the deadline is this Monday, the 24th.

Money has to be raised one way or another so get it done now! Sophomore year is an important fundraising year for us because in less than 1 year we will be booking a prom hall and soon after that we will be organizing senior week. I don’t think many of you want a prom in the cafeteria and a senior week in the field house, now do you?

We ask everyone to try and sell 10 or more items. Looking in the catalog you can see that there are many great products.

Please try to do your best. It will make a big difference if everyone chips in.

Go out and sell folks! Submit order forms and checks together in C204 or D210.