The Freshmen Transition from the Freshmen View

Caroline Cafasso

Making the change from middle school to high school is a process that is often portrayed as rather unpleasant. There are a variety of fears and anxieties that arise during the summer before the start of freshmen year. But whether or not these nerves prove to be necessary is different for each individual.

Jess Ward faced a predicament that many worry about as the days of summer start to end. “I had classes where I didn’t know anyone. There wasn’t even a familiar face,” said Jess. “As the days passed, I was able to open up a little more and I started to make new friends.”

But switching from the pubescent and awkward times of middle school to the adult-world of high school also bleeds into the academic field. Katie Teixeria believes that the transition was “easy socially,” but not so much as for the educational aspect. Although she believes it is getting better as time goes on, Katie does feel that “they held our hand too much [in middle school] and didn’t tell us what to expect. [High school] is so much more independent.”

Another significant concern for incoming freshman is the building itself. “It was hard at first getting used to the bigger school,” according to Serena Bissanti. Franklin High School can seem rather daunting to eighth graders who are used to schools on much smaller scales,. “It seems intimidating, but it’s easy to make your way around after the first week or so,” said Serena.

So what’s the final verdict? It seems that despite a few initial issues, the transition for this year’s freshmen class has been relatively straightforward. After a few bumpy days at the start of school, 9th graders have been doing just fine at Franklin High. Upcoming freshmen are often told this prior to beginning high school, but it is hard for them to believe it. It turns out that what we were told, was true.
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