Quarter 1 Coming To A Close!

Alicia Kutil

Make sure you do a little extra studying for the tests coming up because are grades are closing sooner than you think!! Grades will close on Wednesday November 9th.

Freshman and Sophomores, although first quarter is important, don’t freak out if you did not do your best! You still have 3 more quarters to get your grades up!

Juniors, first term is important for college grades, however keep in mind that most colleges only look at your final year grades, so there is still time to get those grades up if you are not completely happy!

Seniors, first term grades are extremely important because they get sent to the colleges you are applying too. Senior first quarter grades are crucial to the admissions process! If you are not doing well in a class, it might be a good idea to talk to the teacher because time is running out to get those grades up!

Just a reminder, grades close November 9th so make sure you keep studying and are completing all of your homework in order to get the grades you want!!

Report cards will be available on Nov 18th, the morning after Parent Conferences.