Economy to Education. Result?

The Recession, parents and employees everywhere including our small town of Franklin, are in deep distress because of this. In the 90’s it wasn’t safe to say that having a child in that time was a good idea or not. Not only are we in one of our worst economical times but the crime and terror rate is making it hard to feel safe anywhere now and days. How does this effect student life you might ask? The chance of making it with a decent living and assuring the same for your children in most societies are very unlikely due to this “recession”. High school was designed to set you up for a future due to education but how far can education get you in times like these?

Time, its our only key to get through this recession. A positive mindset would help also, encouragement and feedback from parents and teachers are a big thing for students even if they want to show it or not. As students, we can go towards any path in life we choose and put enough effort into. But from speaking with students and parents, hope is being lost. I’ve been hearing ” whats the point ?” and ” If it’s going to be this bad for our kids, what about our grandkids ! “. Its a scary thought but as students we can continue to excel and do what we need to do to ensure a successful future for ourselves and our communities.