Find Out who Are The Top 25 Of The Class of 2012

Queen B.

The superlatives results are out. The FHS senior class has voted for their 25 superlatives. The results are…

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day- Queen Butahe and Luke Lozzi

Most Unforgettable- Queen Butahe and Kyle Reeder

Drama King and Queen-Cam MacCleod and Montana Byrne

Teacher’s Pet-Katy Cronin and Johnny Kinney

Most Likely to Succeed-Grant Conway and Sarah MacClellan

Most Opinionated-Grant Conway and Hanna Mazukina

Teachers Pest-Gabby Giardino  and Andrew Kinney

Best Dressed-Becky Ochab and Tucker DesLauriers

Best Smile-Brittany Kokoszka and Tucker DesLauriers

Most Changed- Steve Gentili and Montana Byrne

Typical FHSer-Jake Versprille and Katy Cronin

Best Eyes- Mark Chiarelli and Gina Hanley

Best Laugh- Nick Ethier and Maria Kangas

Best Hair- Evan Sholudko and Sarah Carlisle

Best Friends-Marcus Burke-Hill, Xavier Burke-Hill and Tucker DesLauriers, for girls- Caroline Toney and Nicole Beckmann

Best personality- Sarah MacClellan, Bobby Chaiton

Class Clown- Sarah Carlisle and Luke Lozzi

Most Athletic- Reed Turgeon and Rachel Flynn

Most Artistic- Sophie Goldstucker and Aaron Gosch

Most Musical- Johnny Kinney and Sarah Kinney

Biggest Flirt- Nicholle Shiner and Marcus Burke- Hill

Biggest Gossip- Cam MacLeod and Megan Carlow

Best Ride- Tucker DesLauriers and Emma Haddad

Worst Ride- Reed Turgeon and Anna Mahoney

Pedestrian’s Worst Nightmare- Sean Lazzeri and Rachele Stivaletta

Most Likely to be on Reality TV- Tucker DesLauriers and Megan Carlow