Luxury Lunch Pests. What to do about the bee’s at lunch.

Ashley Danello

During the nice weather, students enjoy taking their lunches outside to eat. Under the warm sun and delicious foods, lunch-goers couldn’t be having a better time. Until a hornet takes a visit by the table. Then student’s are running away, screaming, and just freaking out. Then the rest of lunch goes downhill from that point on. The bee will sometimes linger and cause distress throughout the table.

The instant reaction to a buzzing bee is just freak out, but don’t! In order for the bee to leave you alone, you have to stand as still as possible. Nothing attracts a curious bee more than a fleeing person. Here are 5 ways to avoid a bee sting/attack…

1. Don’t wear perfumes/colognes: yes smelling good is what everyone wants for themselves, and its okay to smell good, but if you have lunch plans to sit outside try to re-think that because it’ll ruin everything if your being chased by a bee!

2. Avoid wearing brightly colored clothing, especially floral prints: again for your choice of clothing for the day won’t be too big of a problem if your smart about it. Wear pretty floral printed clothes if your planning on being inside for most of the day.

3. Be careful what you eat outdoors: sugary foods and drinks have been proven for definitely attracting hornets and bee’s so save your most delectable food for last when you’re about to go inside.

4. Stay still!: If a bee, wasp, or hornet comes near you, just take a deep breath and stay calm. It’s just trying to determine if you are a flower or some other item useful to it, and once it realizes you’re just a person, it will fly away.

*5. Rinse your garbage and recycling cans and keep lids on them: Bee’s love flying up to an empty soda can and crawling inside to thrive off of the sugary residue. Don’t let food residue build up on your garbage cans. Rinse them well now and then, and always put tight-fitting lids on them to keep wasps away from your garbage.