Looking For A Club to Join? Here’s Some Options

Jack Corsi

Looking for a club to join this year? Have nothing to do after school on every day but Wednesday? If either are those answers is yes, then here are a few options on clubs to join for the rest of the year.

One club has to do with this very site, Pantherbook. If you want to become a journalist after high school and college, or just want to right about something that is going on in our very hallways.

Another club or organization is Sound in the Hall Records. Sound in the Hall is a radio station and record company produced for students by students. Sound in the Hall is run by the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Peacock. If your interested in anything that has to do with music, sound recording, or broacasting on our schools radio station, then contact Mr. Peacock down in K Wing.

I personally are part of them both, and I have to say being part of them really added interest to my experience in high school. Sound in the Hall has given me insight to what I really want to major in while in college that being communication. Pantherbook has given me insight in a possible minor that being journalism. Brandon Dowling, a senior said “Being part of Sound in the Hall for the last 3 years has been some of the best times in high school. Working with Mr Peacock and the guys on The Sports Blast has really enhanced my love for sports talk radio and working with Sound in the Hall.”