Attention Juniors! Its time to fundraise!

Ashley Danello

To all juniors, this is the time that we need to be spending fundraising. Yes we have a date and location set for prom but what about our dj, food, drinks, and everything else?! There’s senior week to be thinking about too. Let’s make these last two years the best, and admit that sophomore and freshman year weren’t the most exciting.

Fundraisers help us raise money for all of these fun events. If there isn’t enough money to pay for all the costs, we might be having out senior cruise at the beav in row boats!

So it’s time to brainstorm a list of things that we’d want to sell to family members or friends, things that people actually want. Mom’s love candles and prefer to buy Yankee Candle candles, so there’s no voting that off the list. Lets try something like FHS m&m’s or stuffed panthers. Use your imaginations and be creative!