Pantherbook Weekly Profile: Mr. D!!

Rachita Chaudhury

This week, Pantherbook had the privilege of interviewing the witty and intelligent Mr. DiBona!!

1. Full Name: Ronald DiBona

2. Nicknames: Ron, Ronny D., Lord Almighty

3. Occupation: English teacher, God

4. If I Wasn’t At My Job Now I’d Probably Be: Hurling markers at children on the street.

5. Something Most People Would Be Surprised To Know About Me Is: I cook gourmet food.

6. I’m Terrified Of: Stupidity

7. One Day I Plan To: Lead an army of robot soldiers to stage a revolution and overthrow McDonalds.

8. The Best Thing About My Job Is: Getting kids to think and laugh.

9. The Worst Thing About My Job Is: Hearing the phrase “Wait, what?” far too often.

10. If Students See Me In The Halls They Should: Toss rose petals.