A Night of Glamour and Fun: Homecoming!

Laura Cafasso

The excitement mounts, and even though Homecoming 2011 is not until November 19th, the anticipation is almost too much to handle. Student Government has finalized the times and prices for the dance, now all that’s left for the students to do is grab their posses, or their dates, and find the perfect outfit!

Homecoming will be on a Saturday, but that week starting on November 14th tickets will  be sold at lunch for $8. If for some reason you can not buy a ticket at lunch, tickets are also sold for $10 at the door. It starts at 7pm and goes 10:30 pm, and there will be a deejay as usual. But what is also important to keep in mind is this will fall on Spirit Week, and the amount of people that attend homecoming will greatly impact the number of points each grade earns.

“I’m looking forward to dancing it up at Homecoming!” said sophomore Jed Buettner. Not only him, but many people are looking forward to it, and some are extremely excited. “I’M SO PUMPED!” said sophomore Austen Shumway as he greeted his friends at lunch. There is even a Facebook event that members of student government created to promote the event and allow people to click whether or not they are “attending” “maybe attending” or “not attending.”

So take a trip to the mall ladies, and pick out a gorgeous dress! And boys, pick out your best tie! Homecoming will be the party to remember for November!