Political Parties of Franklin High

Laura Cafasso

In the realm of Franklin High, numerous opinions whirl around like dervishes, but some of the most interesting involve Politics. Some students may say it is out of students’ elements to portray such fierce political voices, but the Young Democrats and the Teenage Republicans beg to differ.

The Teenage Republicans meet Wednesdays directly after school in D210, and are advised by Mr. Walsh and Mr. Penza. After five long years, Mr. Penza decided to be one of the advisors and insists he does it for “equity” and that “both views should be reflected. We both feel they should be reflected.” Mr. Walsh feels similarly, especially about the club’s goal or
mission. “It is to offer opportunity for young conservatives to become involved
in politics . . . gather like-minded people. I’m happy to see young people get involved. There’s a balance.”

The other political party club, advised by Ms. Leardi, has the same open message, but of course different views. While writing on her whiteboard, Ms. Leardi became animated and passionately explained how special the club truly is. She says the club is for young democrats that want to express their views and in a positive way. “They think 17 is the right age to vote. . . 17 year olds have to pay taxes when they get a job, but they can’t
vote?” One of the clubs main goals this year is to propose a new voting age, changing it from 18 to 17.  She thinks of it as a sort of “taxation without representation” and that teenagers are more responsible than we think. This club also meets Wednesdays in D203.

So whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent or not sure either way, remember everyone has a voice. It is your decision whether or not you want to expand your views, and join a club that agrees with them. See Mr. Walsh, Mr. Penza, or Ms. Leardi with any questions, who knows, you could really make a difference!