Cold and Influenza: Like Stalking Predators

Molly Bond

It’s that time of year again. The flu and cold season approaches, and the sickness is already spreading like wildfire. But how? How do these sicknesses spread so impossibly fast? The answer is obvious: keyboards. At home. At school. Everywhere.

As I type this, I wince as my fingertips brush the keys that, for years, have been tapped away upon by my germ-infested classmates. Regardless of whether or not Pledge wipes have been casually swept over them, my hands always feel grimy after typing.

Is it just me? Is my inner germaphobe emerging? No, other students here at FHS are equally disgusted. “They’re gross,” says freshman Leah Benson. “You can see the bacteria on them.” Sophomore Emily Lavallee agrees as she wrinkles her nose and says “Ick. I hate the school keyboards.”

Some people do not realize how many different people, who perhaps have lower standards when it comes to hygiene, have used the school computers, and have rubbed their nasty fingers all over the keys. In order to minimize the mass breakout of sick students, action must be taken.

After using a keyboard, WASH YOUR HANDS. And use soap! Another option is to sanitize your hands with some Purell. Also, if you want to go the extra mile and further prevent the cold and flu epidemic, sanitize before using a keyboard, as a courtesy to your fellow students.

Take these steps to reign in the wild sicknesses spreading around school. Before you become a victim.