Fundraise for the Troops!

Sean McKeown and Sean McKeown

It’s not that hard to give a little money to good causes. And it’s even easier to donate to the troops. Student Government has decided that an additional way to gain points for Spirit Week will be through the Support Our Troops fundraiser. Each class is assigned items to donate to the soldiers. There will be a cheap item and a more expensive item and the latter will be worth more points.

Class Items:

Freshman: CDs/Movies & Dental Floss

Sophomores: AA/AAA Batteries & Chap Stick

Juniors: Books & Toothbrushes

Seniors: Magazines & Gum/Mints

There are some rules that apply to all the items. Every item brought in must be in good condition. Also for the cheap items, they all are required to be in unopened packages. For the entertainment items, they cannot have “adult rated” or otherwise inappropriate content on or in them.

Serissa Jones, from FHS Student Government, thinks this is a worthy cause. She says, “This fundraiser serves two great purposes. All these items are going to support our troops. This is one way we can show our thanks for all the hard work that the troops have done for our nation. It is also an easy way to win Spirit Week points because most of these items can be found at home or are cheap to buy.”

The fundraiser will begin November 14th and continue until the 18th. This is absolutely a great cause to donate to. Think about it, one of the biggest things they are giving up is their free time. They don’t truly have free time in the sense that we have it. If you really do care about the troops, please support your class efforts in Spirit Week by donating an item or two.