It’s Cool… Let’s go in the Pool!

Sean McKeown and Sean McKeown

What’s cool on our side of the pool?

Come join the FHS Swim Team! The Franklin High School Swim Team will be competing in the winter along with the other winter sports. This is a good opportunity for anyone that is interested in doing an after school sport in the winter. The sport is open to males and females and will be the third time it is offered in FHS.

There are many reasons to join swim team. Just ask the captain, Goutam Sudhir, who says the benefits of being a part of the team are “[it] gets you in shape, a part of a team and making new friends.” Whether you want to be on the Swim Team to get in shape, to make friends, or because you like to swim, you’ll certainly have a fun time. Also as Goutam said “The pasta parties are awesome!”

The team has practice five days a week for one hour, after school. They practice at the YMCA here in Franklin. Meets are typically once per week. The season begins by early December. Sign ups for the team are in the cafeteria. If you have any questions you can ask the woman in charge, Ms. Gordon.