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The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


Spirit Week Days Are Set!

Spirit Week is just around the corner! Get ready to support your class by participating in this years Spirit Days.

The subjects and dates for this year’s Spirit Week go as followed:

Monday the 14th– Pajama Day

Tuesday the 15th– College Day

Wednesday the 16th– Neon/Tie Dye Day

Thursday the 17th– Country Western Day

Friday the 18th– Panther Pride Day

Monday the 21st– Sports Day

Tuesday the 22nd– White Out Day

Now a lot of people every year complain about not knowing the restrictions… The restrictions are obvious. You can’t wear anything that doesn’t follow school dress code to begin with. So if what you wear for pajamas/lack of pajamas is inappropriate, then you should wear something appropriate or don’t participate.

Here are the guidelines for the specific days:

Pajama Day- You can wear things such as pajama pants, night gowns, or bathrobes. Slippers can be worn but if worn alone then it doesn’t count. Sweatpants also don’t count. And once again STAY within the dress code. Nothing sexual will be tolerated.

College Day– Anything with a College name/logo on it that is large enough to be seen from a distance. No lame tiny logos.

Neon/Tie Dye Day– You only have to wear one or the other. Also, make sure that it is on a major piece of clothing such as a shirt. Bracelets, socks and headbands will not count.

Country Western Day– Some things you can wear are plaid shirts, overalls (with a shirt underneath), country band t-shirts, and cowboy boots. Bandannas will not be counted if worn alone. Also remember the hat rule when dressing up, no hats allowed.

Panther Pride Day– Any shirt that is blue or white is allowed. It’s also awesome if you wear a shirt that says “Franklin” or “Panthers” on it. Just like before, lame tiny logos are not okay.

Sports Day– You can wear Franklin or professional sports clothes. Jerseys are fine and if you want to wear Powderpuff attire you are all set. Also, if you think that you’re creative enough to look like an athlete then by all means go for it.

White Out Day– ‘Nuff Said

Spirit Week is a chance to show your support of Franklin High before the big football game against rival King Philip. Show that your class has the most spirit and you’ll win the reward.

Franklin High WOOOOOOO!!!!