Taco Bell Replacement?

Travis LePage

It is wildly known that taco bell has been moved out of Franklin, and is unknown if it will return or not. So what will the students of the town of Franklin have to snack on instead, BK, McDonalds, Panera? All are good choices, but in the end can get kind of boring after so many trips.

So, will the new Chipotle going into Taco Bell’s lot be able to help feed the people of this town? Only time will tell, once the business is up and running. Taco Bell’s meat was more on the unhealthier side, but was always there to please someone looking for a quick snack. The new Chipotle will have “healthier” and more “real” meat, but will be on more of the expensive side.

It will be interesting to see how this new restaurant joins into the town, and if it will be here to stay. Make sure to pay a visit to the Chipotle, and go see for yourself how much it compares to the other fast food places in this town.