Community Service Club Rings for the Salvation Army

James MacLean

Members of FHS’ Community Service Club rang the bell for the Salvation Army on November 12th, this past Saturday. Every Saturday from now until December 17th, members of the club will ring the bell in hopes of earning money for the Salvation Army. Juniors Cynthia Poirier and Jess Deaver began the morning shift at 9am in front of Stop & Shop in the Franklin Plaza, with juniors Nick Courtois and Julia Malloy taking over at noon until 3pm, where juniors Maggie O’Neil, Lauren McCarthy and James MacLean closed the day until 6pm.

Each student is a part of the club and experienced something they said “they would never forget.” Junior Lauren McCarthy told that it was something “that really opened my mind. I had always seen someone in front of the grocery stores ringing the bells for the Salvation Army when I was younger, so when I found out that I could help and get to ring the bell, I was all for it! It feels really good to be doing something to help.” The beautiful day brought many people into the store, allowing the students to fill up a whole kettle and start a new one! While the total amount was not said, all the kids knew they did a great job for the first day!

Junior Julia Malloy said that, “We weren’t doing this because we felt like we had to, we rang the bell and volunteered because we all wanted to help the Salvation Army. It wasn’t just helping though that allowed us to have fun, but being with our friends to volunteer made it all the more fun!” None of the students expected to be affected by volunteering but it really allowed all of them to help in a way that usually only older people can.

So go on down to Stop & Shop any Saturday from 9am to 6pm until December 17th  to help the Salvation Army and maybe see one of your friends ringing the bell!