Junior Girls bring in the win for Powder Puff!

James MacLean

A big shock came to all of the Franklin High Students today when the Juniors, Class of 2013, beat out the Seniors in the final game of PowderPuff. The girls had been getting ready for this game since their first practices on the 8th. While the Seniors were decked out in personalized jerseys, the 3 other grades were just as good in shirts made by themselves.

Sophomores vs. Seniors began the showdown between the grades, with the Seniors coming out victorious. Seniors like Sarah Carlisle, Gabby Giardino, Rachele Stiveletta, and Katy Cronin showed off their tough skills in the game. The Senior girls took to the sidelines as the Juniors and the Freshman came head to head. Both grades had seemed to really want it and while it looked like the Freshman were giving good competition, the Juniors came out with the win with their leader and quarterback Kristi Kirshe giving out all the plays. With a quick drink, the Junior girls went back at it now head to head against the Seniors rivals. Juniors Allison Dunbar, Angie Stoddard, Alicia Kutil and Haley Mederious shined in the game. Haley Mederios earned the first touchdown for the junior girls and Kendall Knous with the one touchdown for the seniors. A hail mary pass to Alicia Kutil in the final three seconds of the game gave the Juniors the points they needed to win against their rivals, the Seniors.

The points have yet to be told about exactly how many there are for each grade, but the Juniors are hoping that this may help them get up to the bar the Seniors have set for Spirit Week. While it does seem that it will be the Juniors against the Seniors for the title of Winner of Spirit Week, the Freshman and Sophomores are not out of it and tomorrows pep rally will see who the winner truly is!