Juniors: Fundraiser gets extended a day!

James MacLean

To all of the juniors who may have been worried they couldn’t get their fundraising materials in time after break, good news! The due date has been extended until Tuesday, November 29th. Considering only 40 out of the 400 students in the Class of 2013 had passed in their holiday catalog, the junior classes officers have decided that students can pass them in by 2:05 after last period in room D204. Juniors are having tough competition, especially with freshman who were able to raise $5,000 in their first fundraiser at FHS.

The checks are to be made out to the Town of Franklin, not Franklin High School like said in the packet. Students also who had “bad” checks, or just checks that were not made out to the Town of Franklin, are also allowed an extra day to get a new check from their parents. They can pass in the checks to Ms. Paolini’s room D204 or junior class president Nicole Higgins. The Vice President Kasey Lynch as well is taking new checks.

The money is really needed for the Class of 2013, for activities like Senior Week and other exciting activities that make the high school experience fun! So be sure to bring in the materials needed to pass in because every dollar counts and the top 5 get $20 off of their prom ticket!