“25 Days” of Holiday Cheer

Karley Newton

Every year around Christmas time, ABC Family starts their annual countdown to the holiday with a twenty- five day marathon of Christmas classics, as well as adding new movies to the lineup every year. Since this is the first real sign of the holiday season, everyone around FHS is always talking about the upcoming specials like “The Twelve Dates of Christmas”, or classics like “A Year Without a Santa Clause”.

“When you see the movies on television, it proves that the season has started. You can watch the movies with anyone, so they bring people together, and make me excited for the holiday.” says James MacLean, a Junior. Not only does the marathon provide evidence of the upcoming celebrations, it also brings friends, and families closer. Who doesn’t love Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

Similarly, Jenna Chaplin, also a Junior at FHS, says that she enjoys the specials every year because it puts her in an optimistic mood. “No matter what I’m dealing with in school or with my friends, I can always go home in December watch silly holiday movies, and I feel better.”

The feeling around FHS may not be drastically different, however around the holiday season everyone is clearly a little bit jollier thanks to the ABC Christmas Marathon. Looking forward to the holiday season, and being able to get through the first part of December is certainly made a little bit easier by the holiday marathon.