Cans for Christmas!

James MacLean

Franklin High Schools’ Community Service Club is back at it, helping the needy again during this holiday season. While they are still ringing the bell for the Salvation Army every Saturday from 9am to 6pm, the club is holding a Can and Food Drive for the Franklin Food Pantry. Every morning around 7:10 until first period in front of the library and during all four lunches, members of the club will be collecting cans of all types of food for the Food Pantry. Members are encouraged to bring in cans as well for the drive and tell their friends to bring in cans to help the Food Pantry.

President of the Community Service Club, junior Brooke Coughlan, asks that everyone can bring in cans “I really would love for every student to bring in one can each. That will allow 1,600 cans to be donated to the Franklin Food Pantry. I have been trying to make this happen and I am thrilled that I was able to get this passed! I hope as many students participate.”

The junior classes President and the Vice President of the club Nicole Higgins tells, “We all love the Christmas season and getting gifts is something everyone likes. Giving is just as good a feeling as getting presents so being able to give families food for Christmas is something that I hope makes everyone bring in at least one can for these next two weeks.

The Christmas season is one of the hardest times for the less fortunate and just a few cans of food can help a whole family. Everyone does not realize that items they may take for granted are being withheld from the mouths of children and adults who can not afford them. To be able to help the Franklin Food Pantry is something that will make the school look good but also help others during a season that encourages generosity.

So be sure to bring in canned foods for the morning or lunch and hand them in to the table in the cafeteria during lunch or the table in front of the library in the morning!