Front Couches are NOT a Cafeteria

Ashley Danello

Throughout the year, student’s who either 1) don’t like being in the lunch room, 2) don’t have anywhere to sit, or 3) decide that the cafeteria isn’t good enough to eat lunch in, have been turning to the front couches to eat. We are no longer allowed to sit in the front for lunch. And just like all the rules of the handbook, detentions will be given out to students to disobey the rule. “Students are supposed to be in the cafeteria during lunch time with no exceptions..” Mrs. Champagne told Pantherbook. “The other piece of it is, that we are; with the new schedule trying to make sure that everybody’s in class when they’re supposed to be in class and not out of class, when they’re supposed to be in class” She said; with a good point. If not just a handful, but a good part of the student body has a tendency to skip not only class, but lunch. All that the administrators are trying to do is make sure that everyone is accounted for.

“My approach so far is to send folks back to class that if it’s the first time I see folks; if its somebody I’ve met with before for either cutting class, or not doing what they’re supposed to do, then its usually a detention.” With that said, beware to students who are often in the halls because the staff are after you. But if you’re one of the smarter class skippers; at least try to have some sort of pass with you because trust me, it’ll get you off the hook. Also, watch the attitude in your voice because often times, that’s what sets the adults here off.

Her “other approach has just been to sweeten people back into the cafeteria, where they’re supposed to be”. Sometimes instead of arguing back, and getting yourself into more trouble, just do as your told. And i know to most teenagers who have a problem with authority figures, thats not the logical thing to do, but as one of those types of people, it often benefits you to listen.