FHS Gets Involved

Travis LePage

On Tuesday, December 6, Mr. Walsh brought his two government classes along with Ms. Leardi’s young Democrat group on a trip to Stonehill College to hear the Democratic Senate debate. The room was packed with various citizens of Massachusetts, but luckily Mr. Walsh got the group two rows of seats with a great view of the candidates.

For people who have not followed the candidacy so far, the people running for the position to oppose Scott Brown are Tom Conroy, Elizabeth  Warren, Marissa Defranco, James King, and Herb Robinson. Before the debate, tom Conroy had been slightly ahead in the polls. With the margin of error in the pools though, Conroy and Warren were technically at a stalemate. The days following the debate though, Warren started to take a lead in the polls. Once again though, with the margin of error in polling, the two candidates were in a Stalemate.

When the debate started, all the candidates took their seats besides Warren and Defranco. as Warren entered the debate, she got a loud applause from the audience. If anyone would of guessed right then, Warren was expected to win the Senate seat. As time went on though, Conroy made sure that people knew he was there and that he had just an equal chance in winning the seat.

At the debate continued though, Conroy and Warren did not seem to be the only two candidates that were neck to neck. Marissa Defranco made sure her voice was heard, and that her policies were heard throughout the room. The response she got from the people watching the debate were just as good as the responses that Conroy and Warren had.

James and Herb quickly started to fall behind in reactions from the audience as the debate continued though. James was having a hard time conveying his ideas, and would at some points run out of talking time before he was able to lay down his real ideas. Herb on the other hand was too quick in voicing his opinion. He would at points use quick phrases and would not seem like he truly knew what he was talking about.

The race is not over though, and the seat is still up for grabs for anyone who shows their potential to beat Scott Brown. If you would like to see the debate for yourself, you can watch it online at Channel 5’s website. Make sure to stay involved, as this election is starting to heat up to be an interesting one.